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Abnormal Load Escort Vehicle

  • We have the resources to provide escort / pilot vehicles for the private escort of abnormal loads
  • The modern vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the safe passage of an abnormal load
  • Meeting the vehicle specifications contained within the Highways Agency Self-Esorting of Abnormal Loads and Abnormal Vehicles Code of Practice
  • The vehicles are piloted by personnel who have the knowledge and expertise of abnormal load movement and who meet the Essential Criteria contained within the Code of Practice
  • The ability to self escort our own abnormal loads gives the company a great advantage were we are able to increase the efficiency of the projects undertaken
  • Each tackle van contains enough skates, jacks, lifting slings to relocate up to 40 ton machine as standard.
  • Individual hydraulic jacks up to 60 ton swl, able to be used as singles or multiples

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