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Powered Gantry Systems

B&W powered gantry system has proven a hit with our clients for its versatility, capacity and the ability to be used in difficult and small spaces.

  • Comprising of four 15 tonne jacks, travel track, lifting beams and remote control system.
  • The powered gantry system can be used with two or all four jacks
  • The powered jacks are compact and light allowing the system to used in difficult to reach areas
  • The powered gantry system is electrically powered
  • The powered gantry system is computer controlled and synchronised for all movements (up, down and travel) for maximum safety
  • The calibrated control system gives total weight of lift and individual weights on each jack. Allowing the gantry to be used to determine the accurate weight of equipment that is being lifted
  • This is a service is offered to its clients as stand alone or as part of a tailored larger package.

B&W Machinery
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