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B & W Machinery relocation projects and machinery installations

In today’s time critical environment, here at B&W we offer our clients a safe, efficient, thoroughly planned, supervised and tailored package to suit their needs whatever they may be, from a single machine relocation to an internal reorganisation through to a full production facility relocation.

With every relocation or installation, we endeavour to provide:
  • Safety as our top priority, and for every contract we perform a thorough risk analysis
  • An efficient professional and bespoke plan of works
  • A complete plan for any industrial plant Assembly or equipment dismantling
  • To take the problems of relocation / removal and solve them

We provide complete relocation services

As specialists in factory and machinery relocation, we at B & W Machinery have over 30 years of experience in helping all kinds of businesses relocate their machinery all across the globe. We like to provide a completely comprehensive solution, with insurance backing, full accreditation in partnership with you to help ensure the smoothest possible relocation.

  • From consultation to planning, risk analysis and implementation through to key point indicators, we help you manage your milestone objectives all the way through to project completion
  • A flexible problem free high quality target driven professional service
  • Supervised by experienced knowledgeable project manager and site supervisor
  • Backed by our in house plant and transport
  • In line with current H&S legislation
  • Working within safe working systems and practices
  • Working hand in hand with clients ensuring the flow of information by either daily/weekly reporting meetings
  • Liaising and co-ordination with other sub-contractors
  • All undertaken by experienced and highly trained staff

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B&W Machinery

B&W Machinery

B&W Machinery
Machinery B&W Machinery provide a comprehensive range of solutions, use the link for a full list of services.

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