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At B&W the resources we value the most is team

Here at B and W our best resource is our staff whose skill, commitment and expertise along with their commitment to our safe operating systems and investment in plant and people enables us to be able to successfully undertake the challenging task of machinery relocation making the best use of a selection of the following equipment at your disposal.

Fork Lift Trucks 2-27 Tons

Machine Skates Up To 2 Tons To 200 Tons

Nylon Super Skates 5 Tons To 100 Tons

Aluminium Gantries Up To 5 Tons Swl

Wire Lifting Slings Up To 100 Tons

Soft Slings Up To 100 Ton

Individual Lifting Beams Up To 60 Ton Swl

Individual Spreader Beams Up To 20 Ton

Along with a wide variety of lifting equipment

All the above offers b and w the capacity to undertake a single machine to a full factory move with skill and confidence that comes from knowledge and experience.

Machinery B&W Machinery provide a comprehensive range of solutions, use the link for a full list of services.

List of Services
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Specialist Transport B&W Machinery Ltd manages a large fleet of specialist trucks and trailers to suit all kinds of transportation requirements, both small and enormous
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Industrial Storage B&W Machinery Ltd prides itself on its storage solutions and warehousing solutions fully services with a variety of cranes and fork lift trucks
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